Handmade Jewelry by Caroline L. Quisenberry
About CLQ Designs

Caroline L. Quisenberry, a Dallas native, has been crafting unique and elegant earrings and necklaces for years. She began hand-making jewelry as a hobby, when she often got requests from friends and family to re-design old beaded jewelry or create custom pieces. Her little hobby became so successful, Caroline decided to make a business out of it, coining her company CLQ Designs, back in 2007.

Since it's creation, CLQ Designs has grown exponentially - her jewelry is now for sale at two boutiques in Dallas and she is constantly receiving custom order requests for her simple and sweet jewelry. Her earrings and necklaces are customized to your liking, with your favorite shapes, stones and colors.

Caroline graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2007, and has returned to Dallas to continue growing CLQ Designs.

Caroline L. Quisenberry

Founder of CLQ Designs

Payment, Production & Shipping

CLQ Designs accepts cash, checks, and PayPal if you are ordering online. You can also purchase CLQ Designs with any major credit card at Krimson & Klover Boutique.

For online orders, please submit your favorite gems, earring shapes and colors, and we will create a custom piece for you. Please keep in mind that as all pieces are handmade and unique, not every item will look identical.

For custom orders, please allow 1-2 weeks for production time. We must receive and process payments before we can ship the item you have requested.


If you are not completely satisfied with your custom piece, we ask that you please send it back and note specific changes you would like made.


Caroline stands behind the quality of her jewelry and will do her best to give you pieces you will love!